Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Heroic Entry

Rage - Internet - Rage upon Jryan and His Blog
Bring forth the Rosy Fingered Dawn
That light may shine upon the Great Hero
Clad in Rather Large Shirts and Pants
For His Bulk doth require it so
His pants a rumpled khaki green
For folding was never really his thing
His shirt a dull blue because he didn't seperate colors
It bore the stains of food eaten hastily in his car
His shoes black and of the slip-on sneakers variety
His hair and beard wild and unkempt

Rage - Internet - Rage for much Time has passed
Look down upon Portly Jryan
Who seems to have a shield for some reason
On the Shield stands two Citadels: Home and Work
In silver did they Shine in the sun
And upon each citadel did furry rage
To the Home did the Unceasing duties charge forth
Upon the Home they raged with spear and horse
But they didn't really have spears and horses
But that sounded cooler than doing dishes
In reality is was mostly laziness that drove them

Rage - Internet - see how the shield gleams!
Upon the second Citadel charged the workday
Computers, absent the light of life, called
Unto Jryan for repair and maintenance
And on these servers strode the boss and coworkers
On these servers did they depended
It did seem to be quite a drag on his time
The Work Citadel was cast in intricate gold
Not silver like I said before
The Boss was cast in.. umm... bronze, let's say
Anyway, the shield was pretty heavy

It was in this pretty shabby attire
That Jryan did see fit to attempt a new blog entry
His Blog entry would be something else
Pretty much he didn't know what to do
So he decided to Write in Homeric verse
Which seemed like a good idea at the time
Setting the shield down he tore in
He brought his finger down upon the keyboard
With great force he typed on the keys
People complained about how loud he typed!
And he was pretty sure the blog would rhyme in Greek

... also the meter wouldn't be all screwy either


bill r. said...

You know that guy Seamus Heaney who did that new translation of Beowulf that everybody thought was so great? Well fuck that guy!! Jryan can out-poem his stupid ass two times!

jryan said...

Awe yeeeeah booooy! I even know the secret of rap!