Friday, February 17, 2012

Zombie Poetry

The darkness rushed at humanity headlong
None so fortunate to be ignored
It came to the folks whose hearts were strong
And at those whose hearts had failed

We heard that the dead were now walking about
Or so the word spread from the east
And it came just as quick to the believing
As to those who'd believed it the least

When they came we were caught in inaction
As if lost in a nightmarish dream
We would swear even then it's a fiction
But for all the ungodly screams

Some ran where they could and found shelter
In basement and strip mall and home
They prayed that their doors wouldn't falter
They prayed it would not be their tomb

But we failed alone and in bunches too
Most were not cut out for this fight
And barracades failed as barracades do
And all our days fell into night

For light doesn't shine in the rooms they can't breach
Under mountain and blast door and sentry
We live in caves while they roam out of reach
We now pray that they won't find an entry

But now we hear of an illness that's spreading
A virus that will kill us all
For now the dead here will likely start walking
Our great fortress is likely to fall.

In the end we had no cause for hoping
Regardless of the castle annexed
For the door that will always be opened
Is the door between this life and next

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